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Some Testimonials for the Mini-MD



Alvin OngPresident at IT Management Association (ITMA)
I attended the Mini-MD introductory course conducted by Ogan and am deeply impressed by his depth of knowledge and ability to explain difficult medical terms and concepts in a very logical and coherent matter. As a layman, certain topics ran a chord with me and I particularly like his coverage on Pathology and the key aspects (causes – etiology, mechanisms – pathophysiology, changes – morphologic changes, effects – clinical manifestations) of a disease. I now refer to his lecture handouts occasionally when I need to have a quick understanding of various diseases and their causes. Ogan is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend his Mini-MD course if you wish to have an overview of what medical students go through in 4 years.

Heather St John, Chief Operating Officer at Monash Institute of Medical Engineering
Ogan’s MiniMD is an excellent short course for non-clinical professionals that interact regularly with health professionals, e.g. researchers, technologists, VC and lawyers. It provides not only a concise overview of biomedical and clinical disciplines, but also case studies giving insight into how decisions are made in clinical practice. I highly recommend it to innovators seeking to understand how they can best deliver value to the healthcare sector.

Andrew J. Phelan, Director MedCare Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
I’ve known Dr. Gurel for a few years a year ago took his Mini MD program. The depth of breadth of his clinical domain knowledge is astounding as his capacity to deliver it. Mini MD is a unique program that I’d recommend for non physicians whose work covers the health care space and have a desire to go deeper. It’s especially suitable for industry executives like myself and I view Mini MD as an important part of my own development, helping be better at what I do.

Adam CHEE, Digital Health enabler (@DrAdamChee)
I had the privilege of attending the Mini-MD (Mini-Medical School) program taught by Ogan (at the National University of Singapore) and it was definitely one of the best decision (in terms of knowledge acquisition) I have ever made! The content (which was extremely intensive – the lecture went on for 12 hours) was useful in terms of both knowledge / insights gained, as well as practicality (real-life application). As an industry veteran, my only ‘complaints’ is the timeliness – why wasn’t this fantastic program available when I first embarked on my career as a Health Informatician 13 years ago!

Daphne Flynn, Practice Professor, Design at MADA Monash University Art Design and Architecture
I attended Ogan’s 1-day Mini-MD course in Melbourne, AUS, in 2015. Being involved in design led innovation in the healthcare domain, I was interested in the insights that Ogan shared. How doctors think in certain situations as well as their practice. It was an intensive but worthwhile day which will appeal to innovators in this space.

Mandar Gori, Senior Manager, Industry Development and Regional Partnership
I have been working with Ogan on finding synergies between his work in Korea and SSB’s mission in Singapore. Recently, we arranged a Mini-MD seminar in Singapore, a very unique course Ogan has designed and has been conducting in Korea. Besides the very informative syllabus, Ogan’s energy and his passion were the highlight of the seminar. We are thankful to him for adding his Mini-MD course to our biodesign training program.

Julien de Salaberry, Founder | Chief Innovation Officer | Healthtech Thought Leader & Investor | Non Executive Director | Author & Speaker
An incredible feat adroitly and eloquently delivered by Ogan! I had the pleasure last week of participating in Ogan’s two day Mini-MD course which is gallop though three years of medicine school starting with the building blocks of human biology and exploring pre-clinical science, primary care specialties and subspecialties. This fascinating and educational 2-day course is recommended for anyone working in the healthcare sector with no medical training.

Linus Tham, Chief Corporate Development Officer at National Healthcare Group
I attended Mini-MD with some of my non-clinician colleagues when it was run for the first time I believe in Singapore. I would highly recommend it for what it set out to do – to give non-clinicians who need to work in healthcare or with healthcare, or for that matter anyone who is keen to have a better understanding of the medical domain. Very very intense, one of the best programs I have attended.

Klaus Wiegel, Director, Value Creation Partners
I attended Ogan’s 1-day Mini-MD course trial in Melbourne, AUS, in 2015.
It was a very interesting, informative, knowledge-enhancing and eye-opening program. A huge amount of top-class, high-level material was presented in a very comprehensive and professional way that usually takes medical students many years (but of course in a much more detail) to get through. Ogan presented this very complex and wide-ranging subject in a very eloquent way and used both, professional and common language, so that it was easily understandable and accessible for people with non-medical backgrounds. I strongly recommend Ogan’s Mini-MD program to anyone interested in a very brief, but highly comprehensive overview of information / material usually only attainable during many years of medical studies.

Ivan John Clement, Data Scientist at Merck | Big data for better health
I have interacted with Ogan on various occasions, and I am impressed by the deep insights that he always brings to the table. I have taken his Mini-MD course that he runs with the National University of Singapore, where he could extract the key insightful ideas from all branches of medicine and condense everything into a day course. During that course, he has also commented that beyond using new technologies for improving diagnostics, we need to think of how to augment history-taking. Ogan has a profound understanding of both medicine and business – and thus he is well-positioned to advise on how people should brace for the future of medicine and healthcare.

Giorgia Zunino, Director of Design and Construction presso IRCCS San Martino Hospital and Cancer Research
When Ogan Gurel accepted to join with our Master course “re-design Medicine” @LABA we only could imagine what he really is in person: one of our TOP Visiting Professor we ever had and: a visionary researcher, brave entrepreneur and a very high profile professor. The whole Scientific Committee @LABA was honoured by his presence with a clear vision of Medical Sciences able to concentrate such of knowledge in plenty precious milestones in his course mini-MD held last March with 33 students. Ogan’s Four-days Mini-MD course, as part of our Master re-design Medicine” at LABA Brescia, is the best course I ever had in my Professional Life: intense, formative and rich of suggestions for Innovating in Healthcare. You can’t miss it!

Olivier Carnohan, Co-founder & CEO at Nessa
Who else can quote French philosophers and Greek mythology while explaining the basic concepts of molecular biology as a precursor for a discussion on the potentials of protein Tera-Hertz oscillations? Ogan has captivated my attention in every discussion I have had with him since I have known him. We signed up at Singtel for his Mini-MD class and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in disrupting health-care, or simply has a curious mind. Ogan is a thought-leader at the top of his game. He can crystallize complex concepts into memorable knowledge. Furthermore, he is generous with his time to simplify medical knowledge and make it accessible to all of us.

Andrew Ho, Business Development Director at DH Regsys Pte Ltd
I have attended the miniMD training by Dr Ogan and found the training to be very educational and professionally conducted by Dr Ogan. Dr Ogan has done a great job to condense so much knowledge into the 2 days of training. I feel that the miniMD training is a must have for professionals who are working in the health related industry but who are not trained as medical doctors The 2 days of training at miniMD provides the foundation for the participants to continue to learn on their own after having attended the mini MD training.

Farooq Khan, CEO at PHAZR
Dr. Gurel visited us at Samsung Research America, Dallas in August 2013 where he presented both a two-day long Mini-MD course as well as a research seminar. With the Mini-MD, Ogan shared with us a comprehensive and engaging overview of modern healthcare, covering not just the fundamental knowledge (everything from anatomy & physiology to the surgical sub-specialties) but also many key aspects of “how the system works” and “how doctors think” along with insights into the interaction of technology with real life medicine. Ogan definitely increased our R&D Center’s biomedical and healthcare knowledge and enhanced our ability to understand the market, the ecosystem, and our ability to interact with key stakeholders, including doctors and other health professionals.

June Soh, Managing Director at DRB international,inc.
I was a participant at a 2 week Mini-Medical School for non-medical professionals organized and delivered by Dr. Ogan held in Samsung Medical Center. During the period, I was “amazed” by his width and depth of medical knowledge, not only encompassing various aspects in the fields of medical art and science from public health policy implications of a certain method to industrial developments of a medical discovery also mastering liberal arts from his proper quotations of classics and literature. Thus, I am convinced he should be one of very few figures fitting the genius characters found during the period of Renaissance.

Marc Ketzel
, VP Human Resources at Samsung Electronics
Ogan recently completed a seminar here in San Jose and did an exemplary job. He is rare in that he combines medical skills together with business skills — and just as importantly he is able to deliver complex concepts in an elegant and very understandable way.

Jerry Pi, Chief Technology Officer at Straight Path Communications Inc.
I collaborated with Dr. Gurel on mobile healthcare and medical device research. Dr. Gurel has a vision in bridging the gap between tech and medicine, and see great things happening when these two industries come together. His broad experience in medicine, business consulting, business strategy, creative writing, and medical research make him a fascinating individual (read his profile!), and uniquely positioned to identify opportunities and create synergies between these two vast and complicated knowledge systems and business ecosystems. Being an engineer, I found the interaction with Dr. Gurel enormously enlightening. His mini-MD seminar does a wonderful job in explaining all the basic disciplines in medicine and expose you to 4 years of medical school in a matter of days. He also makes conscious efforts in helping people appreciate the culture difference between doctors and engineers, and pointing out the important gaps and potential pitfalls in creating harmony between tech with medicine.

Mark Bernstein, SVP, Technology Strategy & Operations; Open Innovation; Computing Science Innovation Center
Ogan just completed an extraordinary few days delivering a “Mini MD” seminar to a roomful of software technologists, eager to comprehend the potential for impact in the healthcare domain. The breadth of his knowledge and the depth of understanding for the human body and clinical medicine was remarkable. Ogan’s collegial style of classroom leadership and succinctly eloquent explanations of complex scientific relationships produced an incredibly valuable experience for everyone in the room. It was truly inspirational to benefit from the passion and insights of his professional expertise and profound to consider our future contributions that can result from his investment in us.

Soeun Lim, Sr. Manager at Samsung Research America
Dr. Gurel is one of top talents in SAIT who has profound knowledge and experiences in the medical/healthcare domain. His recent lecture on medical fundamentals (‘Micro MD’ course) was very educative and was helpful for my work of tech intelligence. I highly recommend Dr. Gurel as a top-notch researcher as well as a wonderful team player.

Michael Chan, Co-chair, Mobile Platform Working Group, TCG
As a participant in Dr. Gurel’s Mini-MD course at SAIT, I was extremely impressed by his paradigm-shifting methods of teaching medical topics. Upon deeper understanding with his work and character in several occasions, I have known Dr. Gurel to be a unique blend of art and science, and that he has attained a mastery over multiple talents in the fields such as medical science, technology, psychology and several forms of fine arts.

Moon Ho Park, Principal Engineer at Samsung Electronics
I took a Mini-MD lecture presented by Dr. Ogan in SAIT. Through this lecture I realized he had a comprehensive knowledge of medicine and practical ideas for new medical applications. He was renowned by participants as an excellent and passionate lecturer.

Keith Chong, Research Engineer at Privi Medical
I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Ogan Gurel’s Singapore-Stanford Design Mini-MD workshop last year. Ogan delivers his presentations with a great deal of excitement and energy, and has the ability to effectively communicate complex medical concepts in a form understandable by laypeople. A true thought leader and innovator in the medical field.


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