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About the mini-MD

What is the Mini-MD?
The Mini-MD is a comprehensive, intensive overview of all of medicine presented in one-day and designed for healthcare professionals without formal medical training. It covers the basic, preclinical and clinical sciences, emphasizing the main principles and logic of medicine, how doctors think, and how the healthcare system works. The program has been presented worldwide, to a broad range of professionals including hospital and health system leaders, government health officials, pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech managers and executives, healthcare lawyers, architects, designers, consultants as well as biomedical scientists and engineers.

Why Take the Course?

Curiosity Health, wellness & medicine are of perennial interest.
To communicate effectively with physicians When researching and developing biomedical technologies, understanding how physicians think and collaborating with clinicians is essential.
To understand medical needs more clearly and deeply Biomedical technology does not operate in a vacuum.  Understanding the wider context of medicine and healthcare is critical to effective innovation, implementation, government policy, and business decisions.
To innovate, network, and cross interdisciplinary bridges Being introduced to the medical sciences among like-minded colleagues can spark innovation, foster collaboration and allow participants to think beyond the limits of their particular areas of expertise.

Who Should Take the Course?
The program is designed for a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals, including biomedical and medical technology researchers, scientists, and engineers as well as other professionals such as lawyers, intellectual property experts, technology transfer staff, government officials, regulatory officials, investment (I-banking, hedge fund, VC and private equity) managers, and business executives and decision-makers in the healthcare space.

The “Mini-MD”, nearly five years in development, has been offered many times and at many venues, including at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (from 2011 – 2013), at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Health Sciences and Technology (2012 – 2014) and at Samsung Research America (both the San Jose and Dallas labs) in 2013. The program has also been offered to the professional public in Singapore (National University of Singapore, Singapore-Stanford Biodesign/A*Star, and in partnership with TalentGrid Ventures), in Italy (with LABA), and in Melbourne (with Startup Health).

The lecture will be translated by Phil S KIM, M.D. (